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The wands below were created by Circle of the Hearth member Jo.

Many of these wands have been made on commission or gifted to friends. They are presented here to showcase my wand making style and to give aspiring wandmakers out there some ideas.


I enjoy in particular making personalised commission wands. As I seek only to indulge my passion and creativity I do not charge for my time, only materials and postage. This means the average wand will cost very little, Usually around $5 - $20 AU plus postage (pick up is fine too if you are in Sydney). Of course this does depend greatly on what materials are used.

Commissions are designed by myself and the client together and the creation process is photographed. The client gets regular updates and the opportunity to make any major decisions during the wand's creation.

I am constantly collecting woods for my wand making and I have supplies of many different species of tree. I mostly have wand lengths from traditional european trees, but can source almost any wood you like.

As I don't charge for my time it leaves me free to take as much time as I need to source all the materials and do the work, so I will generally only create maybe 1-3 wands a year. Please let me know if you have a specific date you need your wand completed by and I will factor that in to the design.


I also run the very occasional wand making workshop privately or as part of larger events. I also do not charge for my time for these workshops, just for materials. Participants are encouraged to bring their own supplies but they can purchase any "bits" from my collection at whatever the cost was to me. I have published my workshop notes (as adapted for the Australian Wiccan Conference 2006) on our articles page (under "Crafts") for those who are interested to know more about this workshop.

Contact Jo

Please email me here for more information.

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In 2011 I donated my skills as a wandmaker to the Pagan Awareness Network for them to raffle off as a prize. This wand was the product of that work. It's construction was documented in the PAN Magazine "The Small Tapestry". A clipping of the articles can be found here.

This wand had a very specific design and was quite challenging to make. I taught myself etching and some more carving techniques as part of its creation.

This wand was a commission for a lovely woman here in Sydney. I love the hidden layers of symbolism in this wand and the fact that I learnt lots of new techniques making it.

This wand was a commission for a gentleman up north. I love the way the suede wrap and the copper work together.

This wand is made from the pruned uppermost branch of a young apple tree. It has a very masculine feeling to it.

This wand was a commission made for a musician in Melbourne. It has a strong faery influence and has a hawthorn thorn hidden within it. Visit the owners web site here

This wand was a happy accident, the garnet piece I already owned and it by chance fit into the roots perfectly with no glue. This wand is one I will never sell.

My personal wand. Simple, elegant, slightly formal and well balanced. Perfect for me.

This wand was sold to a gentleman at Magic Happens in 2005. It is slightly longer than average and is quite thin and elegant. This was the first time I used a brass wire wrap inside the handle carving.

My first wand made on a lathe.

This wand was given to a friend who lost everything in a house fire including years of collected magickal books and tools. It was presented to her as part of a full kit her friends put together.

This wand was given to a woman that was shown to me in a vision. It was one of the strangest conversations I have ever had..."Excuse me I saw you in a vision and...". A rewarding but embarrassing moment.

My very first wand. I never connected with it and so I gave it to a woman I chatted with frequently online who had recently passed her wand down to a student.

A commission wand made for a law student in Cairns. The fluorite is connected to the wood with a silver pin and all the carving is hand done. A beautiful combination of materials.

This was made as an experiment and was given to a fellow member of the Circle of the Hearth.